My head is swimming!

Sep 28th

Villanella. Digital ID: 827322. New York Public LibraryWe’re hip-deep in holiday projects around here, and since certain members of my family read this blog, I’m unable to post a lot of my WIP! It’s ok, though: all will be revealed in a few months’ time.

Last night we had dinner guests again, though there wasn’t anything fancy to the dinner. With Corey’s soccer game, we couldn’t do anything nearly as fancy as we had done in the past. Thus, pizza! The focus of the evening wasn’t on dinner anyway; our lovely friends came over for some movie-watching and…KNITTING!

Jamie and D exchanged several knowing glances as they listened to our needles going clickety-clack throughout “Hannibal Rising.” I was glad to have something else to focus on, though, because the movie was highly disturbing.

Today we relax because there aren’t too many things to do around the house. In preparation for our guests last night, I mopped the kitchen & the bathroom. This isn’t to say there’s nothing left to do around here, but at least there isn’t a dried-up puddle of milk under the kitchen table anymore!

My craft room/office needs some serious help today, though, so I may attack it. The sewing machine is sadly neglected under a pile of everything and I really need to dust it off for some holiday projects. Not to mention the fact that I need to whip up a new pincushion. My trusty tomato died last night. Thanks to a fellow hyena, I really want to make one like this out of some of the vintage fabric my grandmother gave me.

In other bloginess, I found this blog and I’m sure I’ll be spending most of my free time surfing all the wonderful tutorials like this one. I have a pair of too-big flip-flops that could use a face-lift. Don’t we all?

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