My Two Front Teef

Dec 17th

Trying something new.  I recently subscribed to Jupiter Sinclair where she wrote her “I Want…” Wednesdays. I liked it and decided to join up this week and see how it goes.  Back when I did my Turtle Round-ups, the idea was cool but totally overwhelming.  This should be easier.  Right?

So, here is my edition of “I Want…” Wednesday, which asks the question, “What gift do you want to get for Christmas?”

I want one of these for Christmas.  Not too long ago, I used to sport a Palm Tungsten E2, but I could never do much with it other than update my calendar or play Bejeweled.  Since I didn’t have a $99 Wi-Fi card, I couldn’t connect to the internet and check my email or anything, so it was basically a cold slab of metal in my purse.  I sold it on ebay and have since been begging Jamie to get me an iPod Touch.  I look at him with stars in my eyes whenever there’s a commercial on television.  I used to look them up on ebay and sigh as loudly as I could when one was going for less than $200.

This year, I think I’ve been about as specific as I can be about the One Thing I Want.

And you know what’s funny?  My mom wants one, too.  If we both get what we want for Christmas, we could be sending emails to each other from across the Christmas Family Dinner Table.  Joy to the world!

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