never a dull moment

Jul 5th

It’s summer time around here (duh) and it’s hard to make time for blogging.  I realize I’m way behind on reviews and whatnot.  Also, you’d probably like to hear more about my choir adventures with Joe Jennings.  Thing is, usually if I sit down to type something substantial, Timothy toddles over to me, often falling down once or twice on the way, and starts yelling at me.  Then he pulls his hair and does that fake crying thing that babies of around 14 months are so good at doing.  Bless him.

Anyhoo, Lucy is also starting to go stir crazy and I keep finding her sleeping in odd places instead of in her usual bed.  Remember how I fixed up a laundry basket for her filled with handknit kitty blankies?  She’s abandoned it for safer places.  Places where she won’t get hit by the random ball or Bakugan or Pokemon action figure that might be flying across the room even though I’ve told those kids A THOUSAND TIMES NOT TO THROW THINGS IN THE HOUSE.  I’ve found Lucy sleeping under the dresser in my bedroom, which isn’t very unusual.



This, however, is the strangest place I’ve ever found Lucy.  And as you can see by the pictures, she’s quite happy there.  Don’t ask me how she got into the basket on the middle shelf.  I didn’t see her do it but I wish I had!  Remember that Lucy has cerebellar hypoplasia, so her climbing isn’t so great.  For her to climb onto our bed is a feat and it takes every ounce of effort for her to jump the baby gate.

Oh, Lucy.  She’s eleven years old and still keeps us guessing.

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