Obligatory New Year’s Post

Jan 12th

Okay, okay, it’s almost the middle of the month and I haven’t updated my blog. Truth is: we’ve been crazy busy. So this is going to be relatively brief. Here’s a bullet list of what’s going on right now and when I can catch my breath to elaborate, I will. In the meantime, know that we are all doing well.

  • The Bach B Minor Mass concert is this Saturday!
  • Apartment Therapy’s January Cure
  • Nourishing Minimalism’s 2015 in 2015
  • Willow resumes PT after her eval today
  • Still no lab results
  • Related: we haven’t received an insurance reimbursement form, so we’re still out $600 from Willow’s geneticist appointment. GAH.
  • Positive: Jamie built me a nail polish rack!
  • Also positive: we have a new comforter set. That may not be a big deal for some, but for us it is. We haven’t had a new one in about four years.
  • TCE is also preparing for Arts in the Abbey
  • St. John choir is preparing Fauré’s Requiem (I’m soloing on that…so be there!)
  • Timothy will be testing for the gifted program. That’s exciting because he’s in Kindergarten! I was put in the gifted program in Kindergarten, so this warms my heart.
  • The other boys are doing well in school.
  • Corey has a new girlfriend.
  • And he’s just about to be taller than me.
  • Unless I’m wearing 4-inch heels.
  • Jamie is still working hard on being a super-nerd.
  • Related: we’ve now been together for 18 years. That’s a whole human adult (which Corey is four years away from…)!
  • Willow gets more adorable every day. Yesterday, she called grapes “bubbles”.
  • There’s a giant dollhouse in our living room and one of the cats lives in it with a huge batman action figure.
  • We had to order new glasses for Willow because we never did find the ones she lost.
  • We’ll find them as soon as the new ones are ready.
  • Willow is awake now and singing something in her room. So I must go now.


happy new year!

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