Oh. My. God.

Jan 14th

I swear this isn’t a paid advertisement.  In fact, no one even asked me to post this.  I have just seriously never, EVER been more impressed with a product before now.  Here’s a little background:

We live in the country, which means we have a well.  It runs deep into our Georgia clay, and with the abundance of cool, clear water, we also get an untold number of minerals and deposits.  Before we got our water softener, the pump filter, the filter under the house, under the sink, and running into the refridgerator, our dishes and clothes would turn ORANGE.  We don’t have iron, just a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t like for our clothes and dishes to actually appear clean.  Even with the water softener, stuff looks dingy and a lot of our dishes just ended up stained.

If there’s a product out there for hard water, we tried everything, everything.  We tried The Works, Lime-Away, CLR, and every other “Hard Water Expert” product full of scary chemicals “guaranteed” to clean our tubs, toilets, and clothes.  But you know what? Nothing worked!

For the toilets, I found I needed to use one of those pumice stones and get down into the toilet to get the mineral deposits off.  I didn’t mind that so much, but how the heck were my dishes and dishwasher supposed to get clean?  Every now and then we bought one of those bottles of Electrasol dishwasher cleaners, but you only get to use those one time.

So the other week, I looked up and down the cleaning aisle at Publix when I saw this glorious product, surrounded by a halo of light, angels in chorus singing all around:

I was skeptical, but went for it anyway.  Afterall, what could trying just one more thing hurt?  Besides, it’s environmentally friendly, so…why not?

I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves:

(our otherwise clean Veggie Tales plate)
 (before Lemi Shine)
 (after Lemi Shine)
How incredible is that?
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