Pregnancy requests and other random tidbits

Jul 16th

I can’t believe this summer is almost over.  The back to school sales have started, I’m getting tired of the fighting, and Aiden cried when he realized school is starting in less than a month.  This also means that baby is nearly here.  I’ve got about three months left of this here pregnancy.  Three more months of low-glycemic snacks, whining about not having cake, and hoarding soap.

Hoarding soap?

You may recall my basket obsession during the nesting period of Timothy’s pregnancy.  I had a grand plan for organizing my house with various decorative baskets.  The only thing that ever stuck was the changing table.  All the other baskets are scattered throughout the house now, mostly filled with junk toys, nails, and other bits of household things that need a home.  This go-’round I have been frequenting CVS and other stores armed with a massive coupon binder to stock up on nearly free soap, toothbrushes, and other personal care items that ought to get us through the zombie apocalypse.  It pretty much never ends.  The other day I bought nine boxes of pop tarts.  Who does that?  Me, obviously.  I can’t recall ever buying pop tarts for this family but the prospect of $5 in CVS extracare bucks was enticing since I knew the next sale held a makeup deal I wanted to snatch up for cheap.  Aiden nearly hit the ceiling during his pop tart celebration.  I figure that these last couple weeks of summer they can load up on sugar all they want.  Then when it’s time for school they can go back to cereal and/or school breakfast.

I won’t tell you how many boxes of fruit snacks I got at Publix.  It’s borderline embarrassing.

To get me through the rest of this pregnancy, I have a few requests.  If you take me up on them, I’ll be your best friend.

1. Can someone build me a pedestal for my dryer?  I don’t have a fancy one, but I really get winded bending down to unload all the laundry.  This morning I almost had to sit down in front of it for a minute before getting back up.

2. Can someone braid my hair until the heat wave passes?  I’m growing hair for two here and since I picked the hottest time of year to grow my hair out for donation, I feel like my head is about to catch on fire every time I so much as look out the window.

3. Can someone bake me a diabetic-friendly lemon cake?  I’ve got the diabeetus again and this lemon cake craving WILL NOT GO AWAY.  No matter how much I try to smother my sweets cravings with sugar-free Hershey’s and jello, it simply won’t suffice.

Baby needs lemon cake!

That’s all for now.  If I think of anything else I need, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Now I’m off to teach a class.  Then I think I’ll put together the pack ‘n play to see what repairs it may need. Also, I need to figure out where to put it.  Our bedroom is now home to my sewing corner.  I need to rethink some furniture arrangements. Hmm…

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