random coincidence

Nov 6th

The other morning, after I was finally able to send all the children to school (they’ve been ill) and Timothy was down for a morning nap, I turned on the television and settled down with some coffee.  Just so you know, I don’t ever watch The Today Show.  Ever.  It was an awkward time of the morning, though, and as I was scrolling through the TV guide I realized that it was “the fourth hour” of The Today Show.  Any fan of The Soup knows what that means.

On a whim, I turned the station and wouldn’t you know it: Joel McHale was sitting right there waiting to be interviewed by Hoda and Kathie Lee!  I nearly peed myself in anticipation and that commercial break seemed to last about three years.  It was quite possibly one of the best coincidences of my life.

I love you, Joel McHale.

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