Sep 24th

So before word gets out and I have to defend myself, I want to take a moment and write a disclaimer:

I am a Creative Memories consultant. You all know that already and know that I feel very strongly about what I do as a consultant. I love album-making for the time I get to spend with my older sister and the good times we have together when we scrapbook with our friends.

I am also a lactivist. You all know that if you’ve been reading my blog.

It’s my fault for not catching up with my Home Office news until this morning and when I finally did, I discovered that Creative Memories is a paid sponsor for the Nestle Very Best Baby program. You can imagine my horror when I found this out. The campaign began last month and will last through August 2008.

I guess I’m writing this because I want all of my customers to know that although I am a consultant, I do not like the fact that my company is participating in this campaign. It’s beyond my control.

However, I am planning on (somehow) organizing a fundraiser to support my local LLL group. Where or when, I don’t know because I just thought of it this morning.

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