Summer Cold

Jun 18th

Simon gave me his summer cold. Thanks Simon! So I’m feeling a little foggy and my only responsibility today is to do laundry. The downside to that is that it is ridiculously hot outside and I promised the earth I wouldn’t use the dryer today. I suppose it’s not a downside after all; the clothes are drying quickly and I should be able to get a lot done with it being that hot.

I spend all weekend knitting some shorties to put in my hyenacart. When I was about ten rows shy of completion, I realized I didn’t have enough yarn to finish them. I took them apart. If I had been making them for a custom I would’ve been more upset. I’ll still use the yarn for shorties, just a different size.

For Father’s Day, I gave Jamie some wood. He’d expressed interest in whittling and even tried it with an old porch rail from his mom’s house with no success. So I got him a few blocks of whittler’s wood and a thing of carving tools. Now there are wood shavings all over the living room! He asked what he should do with them all and I said I didn’t know. Then he said, “We could get a hamster.” He’s so hilarious.

Simon started dancing. I love it when babies dance because it’s really just squats in rhythm. Sometimes he swings his arms at the same time. He’s also jabbering away in some unknown dialect; his favorite syllables are “Bishubishubishubishu” and “beebeebeebeebeebeebee.” The cutest part of it is that he has such a serious look on his face when he’s talking as if he’s discussing the physics of black holes.

I finally got two books in the mail today: While I Was Gone by Sue Miller and Maybe a Miracle by Brian Strause. I can’t decide which one I want to read first. Big thanks to Elaina for suggesting I stumbled upon it last week but didn’t play around with it. Now that I’ve messed around with it, I like it a little better than LibraryThing because of its simplicity.

Last night we all played Hide & Seek. I hid in the bathroom behind the shower curtain for 15 minutes before Corey finally found me. I’m the hiding master. Aiden hid himself in the laundry basket under the clothes. He would’ve stayed there longer but by the time Corey walked by the third time, he busted out laughing and gave himself away.

The pool is ready at last and Simon had his first swim! He tolerated the little floaty thing that he sits in only for a little bit. When he wanted out, he got mad when we wouldn’t just let him go in the water. I let him play on the steps while I sat with him, but his determination to swim by himself was frustrating the both of us and we had to go inside. I’m tempted to take him to a baby swimming class. But I probably won’t.

Ohhh the cold medicine is starting to work. It may say “non-drowsy” on the box but my body is so used to not having drugs in it that I’m all groggy anyway. Blarrggggghhh.

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