Simon’s pretty slick

Dec 7th

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We’ve been watching Harry Potter movies every day for the past three weeks.  I’m not exaggerating.  For the most part, Simon will go back and forth between “The Chamber of Secrets” and “The Goblet of Fire”, and then he’ll spend the rest of the day running around with a chopstick saying,

“What’s wrong with yer glasses?”

(here, you have to say, “They’re broken.”)


(then, you have to say, “I’m definitely going to have to remember that one.”)

He is also constantly humming the theme music, which is really freaking adorable, if you ask me.  He’s pretty good at it, too!  I’m quite proud of his tonal memory.  What makes the music part of this Harry Potter kick really amusing, though, is the fact that he is so familiar with the theme music that he recognizes John Williams in other things that we’ve seen.

Friday night, we couldn’t find the cable to connect the laptop to the TV for movie night, so we settled on watching “Home Alone” on whatever channel it was on.  During the opening credits, Simon asked,

“Is this the Goblet of Fire?”

I just laughed and laughed and then found myself listening for familiar themes in the soundtrack for “Home Alone” the entire time we were watching it.  John Williams reuses a lot of his melodic themes in his movies, especially ones that involve fifths and sixths.  There is one particular theme in the “Home Alone” track that definitely foreshadows the main theme in “Harry Potter”.

Good ear, Simon.  Good ear.

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