Site Review: FieldReport

Aug 30th

From the FieldReport FAQ:

FieldReport is a web site—a content ranking system and publishing model driven by the Web’s richest writing contest. The contest is based on personal true-life stories called FieldReports—reports from the field of your life. FieldReport’s contest motivates members to submit polished work and to spend time reviewing other work on the site, while a patent-pending blind review process pushes the best submissions quickly to the top, where they can win substantial cash prizes. FieldReport is reality entertainment and the start of a new marketplace for written content on the Web. 

Signing up for FieldReport was easy and quick.  After signing up, I set upon doing some reviews.  I like that the site gives you some choices.  I was given two categories to choose from for my first two reports, and I could have changed them if I wanted to.

I like the ranking system for reports.  It utilizes a slider with descriptions based on the slider’s position.  The process for reviewing is painless, and your review is anonymous (another bonus).  Writing constructive criticism is not required, but it is an option.

This website would be good for anyone who enjoys writing (or reading!).  I can see how it would be a useful tool for writers who need a sounding board for their new story or book ideas. And the fact that these are true-life stories make them even more interesting.  I love memoirs, so this is kind of like reading a bunch of mini-memoirs.

I foresee spending a lot of time on this site.  Not really to do writing (though I may do some if I get brave), but to do some reading during those times when I just don’t feel like sitting down with a book.

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