Some more FOs & a WIP

May 9th
Thanks everyone for the praise on my lactivist dishcloth! I’m humbled. 🙂

Things have been a little crazy around the Grant household this past week, so I’ll sum everything up with a nice, tidy list:

  • Simon cut himself with my rotary blade and had to get 1 stitch
  • We had a fun May Day party
  • Simon’s birthday party was fun, too
  • I took Simon to get his stitch removed Monday
  • Simon was diagnosed with his 3rd ear infection the same day
  • Simon turned one (officially) yesterday!
  • I have not had one good night’s sleep in over a week

As far as knitting goes, I’ve been rather slack because I really haven’t been home and when I have been, Simon has been intensely needy or there’s something more pressing that needs to be done around the house like (gasp!) laundry.

But! Here are a couple things I’ve finished. Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, I thought I would knit some things for my mom, but I couldn’t decide what to knit! So after asking on MDC, someone gave me the idea to knit a Swiffer cover. I made two so that she could use one while the other was in the laundry. I’m also working on a couple dishcloths, and I might make a soap sack or a kitchen towel to match the Swiffer cover.

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