New obsession!

Dec 12th

Someone please save me from my laundry. PLEASE. I knew it was getting bad, but this morning Jamie actually asked me to wash some of our clothes. And we have a lot of clothes. I think it was my decision to try and use some homemade detergent that caused my immediate lack of interest in the laundry. Since we ran out of Charlie’s Soap, I started using borax & washing soda. Now we’re almost out of washing soda. I don’t know what I want to do! Should I buy more washing soda (and soap for the regular clothes), or just break down & buy some Charlie’s? And that reminds me: I should do something with the box of Sun sitting on my dryer. It’s taunting me, saying, “Hey! Remember that migraine I gave you a couple weeks ago? Yeah! That was fun!” A few articles of clothing still have the faint scent of detergent and it makes me ill just thinking about it.


My newest obsession is knitting, my friends. I finally improved my technique and completed a few small projects for Christmas gifts. Since I’m a research-a-holic, though, I’ve replaced my diapering forum time with the Hunt for Free Patterns. And I’ve found so many that are cute and easy! Corey was ecstatic when I came across the pattern for Knitted Pizza, so much so that he goes to sleep with his slice every night. I am planning to knit some more play food, but I’ll need to do it incognito so that I can actually gift them for Christmas.

Today I took over the watching of my sister’s older set of twins. Like last month, I had to bring them with me to the LLL meeting. Unlike last month, though, things didn’t go as swimmingly. Will started crying about halfway through and I never could figure out what was wrong. I thought at first that he had a stomach ache, but when I talked to my sister later, she said it was probably a headache. I was instructed, then, to give him some ibuprofin, which I did, and he promptly fell asleep on the couch. I wonder how she knew? I remember getting headaches when I was little but I don’t remember how little…

I did learn something about myself today. Corey’s food issues could easily have stemmed from my trying to schedule him. Even up until recently, I was of the camp who tried to “make” him finish dinner. Why? Why? Why? I feel really horrible about it but I don’t really know how to reverse it or at least try to make up for it. Was I raised that way? The only food issue I remember is my grandmother making my little sister eat cole slaw. I don’t have any of my own food memories, but since my father was incredibly controlling, it’s possible. And that’s not the sort of thing I would think to bring up with my mom. Hey, mom! Remember when I was little? Did you use food to control me? Just wondering since I’m often obsessed with what I eat and will frequently binge on saltines.

HA! That reminds me of the time when my middle school best friend and I decided to be anorexic. It lasted all of 12 hours. Gotta love being a young, stupid girl.

Anywho, time to do some more knitting or, as I like to call it, NOT HOUSEKEEPING!

Have an excellent week, internet world.

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