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Sep 19th

I’m eating the most delicious soup I’ve had in a long, long time. It’s a recipe from How to Cook Everything (yes, I checked it out AGAIN!). See, we bought a load of veggies so I could cook up some vegetable stock and I had a few parsnips, carrots, & mushrooms leftover. Not knowing what to do with all of them, I flipped through the book and found a soup recipe that called for those exact veggies plus a couple more ingredients I had on hand. So, I had a yummy lunch! And I’m totally going to eat another bowlful…

We’re going “non-traditional” this week with our meals. At least, for us. I made the vegetable stock so I could cook up some yummy bean dishes I found. We’ll be eating lots of beans, rice, & soups this week. The kids may protest, so I’m prepared to make them grilled cheese if I have to.

So parsnips! I’ve never had them before but they taste awesome in this soup. The author of the book I mentioned above was right on when he said they are overlooked. I mean, they’re basically a white, sweet carrot. If you get big ones, you have to core them, but it’s really easy to do. I have one parsnip left and I’m going to attempt a puree that’s supposed to be tasty.

Oh my, I wish you could taste this soup. It’s so good.


I’m glad it’s finally soup weather around here. We haven’t had to turn the A/C on all week; we’ve left the windows wide open day and night, and it’s so cool in the morning that Jamie commented on my actually being under the covers when he wakes up. I get so hot so easily that I’ve usually kicked all the covers off by morning. Simon’s the same way and I’ve been surprised at his not kicking the covers off either.

I could totally take a nap right now.

Image by Dave Walker

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