Spring Break!

Apr 5th

Yesterday, I took advantage of the liquidation sale at our local JoAnn’s Store. They are moving to a new location and selling off their entire inventory in the process!

Among other things I snatched up were a box of 300 curved basting pins so I could get started on the baby quilt. My wonderful mother gave me a couple bags full of quilt batting scraps from past projects. I found a few that, whip-stitched together, were just the right size.

I’m still not sure exactly how I want to hand-quilt this bad boy, so it’s sitting pretty on the ironing board with a spool of thread. Part of the procrastination is fear. The bottom quilt layer is a vintage crib sheet of which the fabric is knit. I don’t know how well knits quilt, and I’m afraid to find out! The thing is, I didn’t want to use regular old quilter’s cotton for the backing. But if the crib sheet is more trouble than it’s worth, I’ll dig through my stash for something more suitable.

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