#storyteller for the freshest fiction

Jun 26th

Social media is giving me a big case of the Blahhs lately.  No offense, but really, I haven’t looked at my feedly or my google reader or the little rss feed app that I dowonloaded the day I was stuck sitting in the waiting room of the doctor’s office for three hours.

Twitter has me all cross-eyed half the time because, while I want to follow everyone that follows me, I honestly don’t have a billion seconds in each day to catch up on the twelvety-billion tweets you guys post.  SHEESH.  I have to download programs and apps that allow me to create lists of people and divide you guys up into “Choir Friends” and “St. John UMC” and “Cool Cats” and “Farmville” (WHATEVER I AM NOT ASHAMED!!!!).  For the most part, I’m doing my very, very best to keep up.

But in the twitter stream that I haven’t filtered yet, I have a hard time grouping any other categories together.

I want more from twitter than just blather about your latest blog post, the dinner you are about to eat, or the twitpic of what mess your kid just made.  I want a story.  I know of knitters who tweet minimalist patterns.  The projects on ravelry are wicked.  As un-colloquial as that term is for me, it’s the only term I can honestly use.  As you are not hearing my voice describing the knitted art in a North-Eastern accent, I think I can use that word on this, your computer or iPhone or smartphone screen.

I’d like to introduce #storyteller.

My husband wrote a book called Ten Tales for Almost Anyone.  He printed and handbound every copy and sells them in his etsy shop.  Each book is one-of-a-kind.  As for the tales, they are fairy tales geared toward adults but completely acceptable and fun for children, and a few of which are existentially-themed short stories.

His twitter account @osmosiphobe is currently tweeting one of his tales, 140 or so characters at a time.  I invite you to follow him as he tells “The Old Man and Death” in a way that may not have been done before.  Not every tweet has been tagged with #storyteller.  No, you must read the story on its own page.  The story itself is updated two or three times a day.

It’s a challenge, maybe.  Will you keep up with the story as it unfolds?  If you have questions about the story, Jamie can always answer them via email or his twitter account.

I love this story and I love the way Jamie tells it.  This is my challenge to my readers, though.   And there may be a prize involved down the line.  We’ll see.  🙂

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