Stranger than fiction

May 2nd

I’ve been dealing with strangers a lot this week, which always gets my nerves in a tizzy. I am a very sociable person when I am comfortable around the present company, but when it comes to interacting with people I don’t know, I get incredibly anxious. I don’t even like ordering pizza over the phone.

So the first strangers I had to talk to this week were the ones at the car dealership while dropping off the van. If you recall, the A/C stopped blowing cold air just before winter hit. It wasn’t a big deal then but now that it’s getting to be in the 80’s & 90’s, it’s time to get it fixed. We paid for an extended warranty on our van when we bought it, but there’s a deductible to be paid out before they start paying for anything. Our van is still at the dealership because the warranty adjuster has to come approve all the work they need to do on it. I’m definitely not complaining, though, because our warranty also covers a rental while the van is in the shop.

That brings me to the second group of strangers. “Call Enterprise. We’ll Pick You Up.” And they did. Enterprise sent a minivan to us, so I had to drive with the dude back to the lot. At first, all the kids were coming with us, but my MIL was nice enough to watch the older boys. They sent a sixty-something-year-old man with the van who was absolutely wretched with small talk. I’m not exactly the poster child for small talk myself, but I can at least maintain if the second party needs to fill the silence. We spent a majority of the 20 minute car ride in silence, punctuated by some cooing from Simon in the back seat.

The next stranger to be dealt with was the guy I had been speaking to on the phone from Enterprise. He was a cocky little man who was putting on airs in front of another customer. I wish I could adequately describe how annoying he was. I was fed up with him upon walking in simply because of his greeting:

“Mrs. Grant?”

I really didn’t have a response for that because I was so shocked at how unprofessional he was. Not that a rental car place is the classiest of joints, but you would think that someone in his position would have a business-like manner.

I was glad to finally leave the place in an air-conditioned vehicle, even if it did stink of car fragrance. Ick! It’s amazing how much you notice perfumes and artificial fragrances after not using them for so long.

I had to coordinate a move with the piano movers to pick up a freecycled piano, which meant double strangers! The lady who gave us the piano wasn’t exactly a stranger since she’s been to my house to pick up stuff and I had already been to her house to look at the piano. The piano movers were really awesome though and tolerated Aiden’s incessant curiosity with the huge truck they were driving.

About the piano: it’s beautiful! I still can’t believe that the lady gave it to us. It’s not in the best condition, but I think we can get it fixed. Here are some stats: it’s a Kimball upright from 1892. Yes! The boys are super-duper excited about the piano and I even gave Corey his first piano lesson yesterday. He learned where all the “letters” were on the keyboard.

Well, I’m going to wrap this up now. I hope I don’t have to deal with more strangers today. That would totally suck.

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