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Aug 21st

I’m considering entering a competition, but I’m overwhelmed with picking music. I’ve chosen two songs so far. Woo. So I emailed my former voice teacher to see if he can help me pick some songs. At the very least, I can win $250, and the gold medal is $10,000. Thankfully, the deadline is in December so I have some time to prepare an audition cd. Now, to find an accompanist…

Jamie started classes today. This means it’s officially my first semester as an alumni. Already, I’m itching to go visit campus and say hi to all my old pals. I want everyone to see Simon! I think I’ll wait a week. Or a day. Good thing I only kind of miss school. In the Spring, I was so tired of being pregnant and annoyed by stupid people that I didn’t want to go to school every day. I think I told Jamie every day at lunch that I wanted to go home.

I have to wash my Bummi covers today. They seem to be stinking more than usual lately.

We had an exciting moment yesterday afternoon. I got up from a nap & went outside to see what Jamie was doing (he had been mowing the lawn). Aiden was out front with his plastic lawnmower, mowing the lawn in his underwear. Jamie was in the back, refilling Koko’s water bucket. When we came back around front, I saw poop in the yard near the front porch. Koko has a place that she prefers to poop, so this was quite strange. Looking closer, I realized that this was not Koko’s poop, but Aiden’s who was now mowing in a different part of the yard as if nothing happened. Jamie asked him if he pooped in the yard. In a matter-of-fact tone, Aiden simply said, “Yeah,” and continued mowing.

Then Koko ate it.

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