Taking control of my diet with underWAY

Jul 8th

I never thought I would be here, writing about losing weight and all that jazz.  Isn’t that what people in their 30’s and 40’s do?  Oh….I’m almost 30.  Crap.

All joking aside, I have had a hard time treating my body well since Timothy was born almost fifteen months ago.  I was doing great, but life happens, right?  I had just started going back to yoga and pilates and trying to heal my split abs when I had that pesky appendix removed.  Recovering from that wasn’t all that bad, but winter came along, complete with everyone and their grandma getting stomach flu, colds, etc., etc.  Jamie was in classes in the evenings, I had rehearsals, and we found ourselves eating out A LOT, and I’m not even going to get into the horrible, horrible foods we were eating and eating to excess.  Oh, and going to the gym?  Forget it.  I tried taking Timothy and Simon by myself once, but it was a nightmare.

A couple months ago, I found out that I have high cholesterol.  I knew I was overweight.  Not obese by any means, but I weighed just a couple pounds more than I weighed when I was pregnant with my firstborn.  Yeah.  I have been embarrassed to go out in public because nothing fit but some drawstring pants and some t-shirts.  It was getting ridiculously depressing.

When Mom Central offered me the opportunity to try a new line of nutritional drinks and foods from Smart for Life that are (mostly) organic and contain good stuff like fiber & vitamins, I honestly couldn’t resist.

About the underWAY drinks:

The underWAY supplement drink, infused with a special HeroFiber and heart-healthy vitamins, works naturally to suppress your appetite and quench your thirst. underWAY curbs your hunger two ways. Its special formulation not only takes longer for the stomach to absorb, it also slows the absorption of what’s already there, making you feel fuller, longer. What’s more, its unique ingredients stimulate your stomach, telling your brain you’ve consumed more calories that you really have which, with underWAY, is almost zero! It contains no preservatives, sodium or caffeine, with only 10 calories and 2 grams of carbs per 8 oz. serving. HeroFiber, a soluble dietary fiber, helps maintain normal levels of cholesterol, glucose and insulin that are already in the normal range.

The Açai-Pomegranate drink?  SO GOOD.  I was also sent the Grape flavor, but I’m not a fan of any grape flavoring.   Jamie liked them, though!  I also loved all the different snacks they sent: cookies, cupcakes, etc.  It was all delicious and although I don’t believe I could follow a diet plan as outlined by the Smart for Life website, I already bought a package of the drinks when I ran out of the samples they sent.  I can see myself eating the cookies for breakfast, too.  They’re so yummy!!

Adding underWAY and Smart for Life cookies to my now very active lifestyle seems to be very promising for me.

Want a discount?

The nice people with Smart for Life are happy to offer my readers a special 10% discount code for underWAY and Smart for Life products. Please use MCUS10OFFUW for underWAY products at www.underWAY.com and MCUS10OFFSFL at www.smartforlife.com. These will go live July 2nd and expire August 30th.

I really hope you try these out for yourself.  Guilt-free snacks?  Can’t beat ’em.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of underWAY and Smart for Life and received samples of the products to review.