That’s Not Sexy

May 13th

See that?  That’s my dryer and reason number one why I’m upset I didn’t get picked to be a Frigidaire Test Drive Mom.  For the past couple of months, the dryer has been making this god-awful banging noise.  And it takes at least two hours to dry a large load of clothes.

Thank the sweet baby Jesus that Jamie’s uncle fixes stuff.  He’s picking up some parts today and will hopefully get this giant piece of crap working again.  We really don’t use it a lot unless the weather is bad or I’m just feeling too lazy to hang the clothes on the line.  But still.  It’s nice to know we can use the dryer, even if it is 20 years old, completely energy INefficient, and sounds like we’re drying an entire load of tennis balls.

Cause this just isn’t sexy:

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