The big one-oh!

Feb 15th

Ten months.  It feels strange to say it, Timothy, but that’s how old you are!  You went from a tiny, bright-eyed newborn to a cruising almost-toddler in what seems like a flash, and I am not ready to plan for your first birthday party.  Just a few months ago, you discovered how find tiny things on the carpet and sneak them into your mouth.  Now, I’m able to put tiny pieces of carrots and bananas on a high chair tray for you to eat. EAT!  You are eating!

Don’t get me wrong: nursing still makes for about 95% of your diet.  It always has been your favorite thing to do, and unless I’m at the store, you cannot go more than three or four hours without nursies.  Lately, though, you only want to nurse if we’re lying in bed so you can practice some yoga moves while still latched on.  I’m not a fan of eating in downward-facing dog position, but hey, whatever floats your boat.  Just keep your teeth out of it, ok?

Speaking of teeth, you bit me a couple weeks ago and it’s still sore, Timothy.  I had to go to the doctor because of my INFECTED HUMAN BITE.  It is now on my permanent medical record that you bit my right nipple, causing it to “itch, ooze, and bleed.”  We’re on the mend, thankfully, and I hope that by next week, nursing won’t be nearly as excruciating as it has been.

Physically, you’re right on track.  Well, I think we are.  I totally forgot about our nine-month appointment last month, so I need to reschedule.  I’m going to assume that you weigh as much as you need to weigh and are as tall as you need to be, even though you look so tiny to me when you’re standing up next to the couch.  The standing up thing is still freaking me out, too.  Please wait another week before you decide to start walking.

There are a few things that you like to do that make us laugh right now:

  • Chase the vacuum
  • Clap your feet together
  • Carry toys in your mouth like a dog

I’m glad you aren’t afraid of the vacuum, but it makes it hard to clean up after your brothers when you try to attack the vacuum cleaner!  For a while, you didn’t crawl fast enough to catch it, so I was able to out-maneuver you.  Now, I either have to hold you or get someone to distract you with something almost as awesome in order to get it done.  No matter–it’s still hilarious.

Daddy and I like to hold you in the air so you’ll clap your feet together.  There really is no other way to explain this, but it kind of reminds me of a strange clown dance.  Make sense?  Kind of?

The carrying of toys in your mouth has been happening ever since you could crawl.  My guess is that you need to be able to carry your things to the next destination because you have the inability to spend more than five seconds in one place.  Anything that fits and is light enough for your mouth to hold is fair game, but it is easier if the toy can hook over your two bottom teeth.  For the record, you carrying stuff in your mouth also makes the nursery workers at church laugh and they like to give you toys that are portable just to watch you do it.

These last two months of your first year are going to be full of more milestones and more fun.  Like I said, I’m not ready for you to be a year old, but who am I to try to stop time?

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