The magicOpener: YOU NEED THIS!

Aug 13th
Magic Opener

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a product review on the blog, but when I saw this, I knew I had to try it. The kind folks at ChicExecs sent me a sample of the magicOpener and, in my opinion, there’s not a bottle opener that can compare to this one.

Let me get this straight, though: it’s not just a bottle opener. Oh no, no, no. It helps open pop tabs, different sized twist-off caps, and beer bottles. Not only that, but it’s magnetic, so you just stick it to your fridge and it won’t get lost like the ten zillion openers we’ve misplaced in our house over the years. Check it out:

Extreme magicOpener - mO-DSC_0616brvbarbrvbar_zpsdmdhu05t


It’s no secret that I am extremely protective of my fingernails. If you know me at all, I try to take extra special care of my manicures, even if I’m just wearing a clear strengthening polish. My nails often chip and peel, so opening soda cans, soup cans, etc., can do quite a number on them. The magicOpener has taken away my need to risk messing up my nail polish or breaking a nail just to open a can of soup. I used to use a spoon to pry open those tabs.

Pull Tab - Pet food can opener - Ring Pull - extreme magicOpener_zpscj2otp53

I highly recommend the magicOpener! It makes a great gift for everyone, especially people who have arthritis or if you’re simply looking for an easier way to open pop tabs or twist off the tops of soda bottles without resorting to rubber bands or the nearest towel. Take a moment to visit the website for more information and a video tutorial about how it works.

Thanks again to the folks at ChicExecs for sending me this great product.

Disclosure: I received the magicOpener for free in order to facilitate this review post.


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