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May 7th

Sometimes, when I tweet about products, I really hope the companies are listening.  In this case, I was merely whining and definitely NOT expecting any sort of response.  You can imagine my surprise when I saw this:

I thought about what I would even say if I were to send Belkin an email.  I really don’t want another cooling fan that’s exactly the same.  The one I have is falling apart and I haven’t looked to see if they make a better one.  It hasn’t exactly been the first thing on my mind.  Last night, I finally decided to draft an email.  Holding nothing back, I wrote down exactly how I feel about my cooling fan.


I was asked via twitter to contact you in regard to my Belkin Laptop Cooling Stand (model #F5L001). My husband bought me this stand for Christmas in 2009, and so far it has been nothing but trouble. Four blades have broken off, and it is occasionally very noisy. I have tried cleaning it, wiggling the fan while it is off to see if I can center it, but to no avail. Sometimes I am lucky enough to get it to be quiet before wanting to chuck it across the room.

I have no idea how you can help me, but I would much rather have a hot laptop than worry about another fan blade shooting across the room or dealing with the noise coming from this product.


Elizabeth Grant

I can’t say I expect any sort of response.  We definitely don’t have a receipt and I never sent in any sort of registration card.  Perhaps I’ll take a few minutes today and see if Belkin even sells a more durable laptop fan.  If not, does anyone have any suggestions for a better brand?

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