time to eat

May 24th

I’m going to start dinner in about thirty minutes. I can’t remember the last time I made meatloaf for more than just my dh. Now I’m making dinner for everyone since dh gets off work early for the summer. When his schedule changes for the fall, I hope he still gets off work early. I don’t want to go back to making dinner for the boys and then dinner for the two of us.

For the past two days, I’ve been meaning to sew some more cloth diaper wipes. I can’t seem to get motivated. I think part of it is that I’ll have to set up the sewing table and making an unholy mess out of the craft corner. One day, I’ll actually get some shelves or something to get the corner a little more organized. Of course, I alone know where everything is. That’s not to say it’s aesthetically pleasing.

I’m expecting a delivery of nursing clothes I bought off ebay the other day, and I still can’t believe I managed a purchase of less than $15 for two tops & a set of pjs. I will now pat myself on the back.

It’s been difficult trying to get the boys down for a nap in the afternoon. Now that school’s out for the summer, they’re trying to get used to being around one another for the entirety of a day as opposed to a couple minutes in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon. Perhaps the novelty will wear off in a week or two and they’ll actually sleep. I’m tired of having to go in there and beg them to lie down. DS2 has never had problems napping, but now that his older brother is home for the day, it’s like he forgot what a nap even is!

It sounds like the wee ds3 is trying to wake up. I hear his little grunts over the baby monitor. I’m surprised he actually slept as long as he did during this nap. He was having trouble staying asleep in his cradle earlier today and I thought he was only going to sleep in my arms the whole day. Once I got him to sleep, I swaddled him in his Kiddopotamus and put him down with fingers crossed. Over an hour later and he’s still sleeping!

Our nursing woes are almost over. After figuring out that I didn’t need to switch sides during a feeding every time, I feel relieved. Things may change after a few weeks, but I’m thinking that the block feeding may be the solution after all. He actually nursed without fussing the last two times! I’m glad I stumbled upon the LLL forum.

Another website that I found yesterday has me totally inspired to do some crafty things this summer. Craftster.org is a forum and its members post tutorials for all kinds of projects: sewing, knitting, crocheting, et al. I spent over an hour looking at the purses & bags forum. I have an old nightie set that I’m thinking of reconstructiong into…something. The elastic is worn out in the waist of the bottoms, so it’s time to do something. The fabric is too pretty to just throw the whole thing away, though. I’m thinking of making a little coin purse or an eye pillow. I could probably make a couple eye pillows and give them as gifts. July is fast approaching and I have two sisters and mother with birthdays coming up!

Well, it’s time to start the meatloaf and get the babe up for a nursing & changing.

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