Timothy is how many months old now?

Nov 20th

Or: More Reasons My Life Is Overwhelming At Times.

You see that?  This is the best shot I can get of Timothy when he’s busy.  Those beautiful longies are now pilled and shedding and practically felted on the crotch because this boy DOES NOT STOP.  No, not for anything.  Ok, sometimes he stops rolling/swimming/scooting/wiggling to check out a puddle of spit-up that he just made or a wad of cat hair Lucy graciously left for me as soon as I got done vacuuming.

Seven months have brought forth a whole slew of milestones.  Timothy can roll, he can maneuver his body into plank pose for several seconds, probably outlasting some of the old people in my yoga class.  As I type this, he is exploring the living room floor with one toy in his mouth–that’s where most things end up.  Our bookshelves are once again littered with The Things I Have Taken From Timothy or Picked Up Before He Could Get To Them:

  • Legos
  • Pennies
  • Pencils
  • Tiny Paper Bits
  • Leaves
  • Rocks

Hey, this list can also be a list of things that I have to remove from pants pockets and you’ll probably find many items like this on my dryer!  Coincidence!

For those who are keeping score, Timothy weighed in at over 17 pounds last month, and when we were at his WIC appointment on Monday, he was 19 pounds (with clothes and wet diaper–soaking wet).  No, he hasn’t started to eat table foods yet.  He is so close to sitting up by himself; he rolls onto his side and sticks his foot up in the air like this:

But then he loses his balance and lands on his face.  I wish I could video this event so you can see this because, while you probably aren’t supposed to laugh at your child when they do a face plant, we do.  Plus, he doesn’t seem phased by it, so who cares?  My point is that he is still mastering the whole sitting-by-himself thing, and once we put that together with the pincer-thing, we’ll plop down some avacados or something yummy in front of him to see what he’ll do.

Meanwhile, we’ve got other hurdles to overcome, such as the fact that diaper changing time is now WRESTLEMANIA 2009!!!!  Oh my sweet baby Jesus, Timothy cannot STAND to be changed right now.  No, he has more important things to do, thankyouverymuch.  How DARE we try to hold him down and get a wet diaper off of him.  We are such horrible, horrible people, keeping him relatively clean and dry, right?  Even if we are putting the fastest kind of diapers on (pockets), we aren’t fast enough and we have to hold him down with one arm while he writhes in agony, screaming at us because we will not let him roll over and bite the rail of the table.

Speaking of biting, where are Timothy’s teeth?  Shouldn’t we see some by now.  Good grief!  This child has been slobbering and gnawing on anything that touches his chubby little hands (look at those dimples!!).  I can see the whites of the bottom two teeth, but they will not break through.  What’s up with that?  Maybe the teeth will come in when he’s got the pincer-thing and sitting-up-thing going.  Then we’ll all have a New Teeth Party and celebrate with some homemade guacamole that Timothy will make for us…in his pants.

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