Timothy is Three Months Old!

Jul 16th

Timothy at 3 Months

Timothy's Rolls

I know, I can’t believe it either.  Has it really been three months?  My sleep deprivation must be getting to me.  Timothy has quite a personality these days!  He laughs at everything.  Everything!  All Corey has to do is smile at Timothy to get all those spit bubbles going.  The thing is, he’s been so busy growing all those fat rolls and learning how to blow raspberries that he isn’t too interested in rolling over just yet.  He’s trying, though!

Speaking of fat rolls, I’ve been having to risk breaking my neck to climb through the back room closet and fish out NINE MONTH SIZED CLOTHES!!  There are still a few things in the 3-6 month category that fit him.  The only thing is, his arms are too short for the 9-month stuff, so we have to roll up the sleeves.  I need to go shopping for some more tees & summer clothes, too.  All my other kids were that size in cold weather!

I really wish I had enough time to whip up some bibs to catch the buckets of drool…

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