To-Do Tuesday: Motivation, plz!

Jan 19th

This is my first “To-Do Tuesday” post, and I’m praying that I actually follow through. Cause you know what they say about intention. I’m the worst at meaning to do things, wanting to do things, and then not getting around to actually doing. It’s downright embarrassing!  Without further ado, here is my list for the week:

•  Clean out my email inbox (always on the list!)

•  Dust the house before Saturday’s crop

•  Put together a Creative Memories order

•  Do yoga!! Or go jogging!! Or do something by way of exercise!!

•  Incorporate beans into at least one meal a day

So about that last one: we have beans literally falling out of our cabinets that we get with WIC every month and we have done poorly to actually use them!  I managed to fix up some black beans last night with our dinner, and I threw a can in the crock pot this morning with some chicken, salsa, and rice.  I’d like to learn how to make croquettes and maybe hummus if I can remember to buy tahini.

If you have any deliciously simple bean recipes, please link me to them!   I’m drowning here…

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