Library Day

Jun 23rd

Today is library day. We need to take the movies back and I need to get the book I have on hold. I still haven’t finished The Blind Assassin but it took me a few chapters to be able to read it without my mind wandering. I probably shouldn’t have started that after reading another Atwood book, but it was all I could think to get while chasing the boys around the library.

I wore the baby for a while at my mom’s last night. The running joke was that I looked pregnant again with him on. Haw haw. At least he was sleeping most of the time and not screaming his head off like he was in the car before we got there. The drive into town was hellacious to say the least. I had to pull over about three times on the way to the bank, and I just had to let him scream from the bank to Target. He slept in the wrap while we were at Target, but as soon as I put him back in the carseat to go to mom’s he woke up and cried the whole way. On the way home, I had to pull over twice.

It’s days like yesterday that make me not want to go anywhere until he’s three.

Something must have bloomed yesterday because my throat is killing me. I know I should start using the neti pot again, but I’m thinking that me not taking my vitamins for a week probably contributes to my general feeling of malaise. It also doesn’t help that we so desperately need our Raymond fix almost every night. It wouldn’t be so bad except now Friends comes on in its place and Raymond comes after. Going to bed a half hour later makes all the difference in the world, despite at least an hour nap in the afternoon.

I’m glad we decided to have company tomorrow night instead of tonight. I don’t think I could handle the pressure. On that note, I’m definitely skipping the choir party. Yesterday’s car adventure was too much for me to want to repeat it.

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