Top 10 Reasons I am Excited to Stay Home with My Family this Coming Weekend.

Jul 23rd
  1. I get to sit around in my pajamas all weekend.
  2. I can discover all the new features on Cozi–I just learned that you can add your child’s school calendar!
  3. I can maybe get some knitting done?  Maybe?
  4. The house is almost clean and I would love to enjoy it for the next day or however long it takes for the boys to destroy it.
  5. There are only a couple more weekends left before school starts and I’d like to spend them hanging out by the pool.
  6. We just got a bunch of art supplies and I want to enjoy them.
  7. It’s always Family Movie Night on Saturdays.  Who wants to miss out on that?
  8. I can do more research on raising goats and backyard chickens.
  9. This would be a good weekend for having a picnic by the pond.
  10. The universe would implode if I left all four of my children for a weekend.

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