Treat Yourself Tuesday #1

Sep 1st

Here goes…

It’s been a long time since I participated in blog link-ups, so I decided to try this one out. A lot of the Tuesday blog link-ups out there are about cooking and crafts, but around here, ain’t nobody got time for that. How anti-homemaker of me. Anyway, I like the name of this link-up because, well, who cannot hear “Treat Yourself” without thinking of this:



I don’t get to treat myself very often. The only real “treat” I give myself is a nap. Sometimes I manage to get one every day. Yes, I’m totally bragging, but you know what? I never could do the whole “sleep while the baby is sleeping” thing that every parenting magazine/book/article advises. Even when I only had one baby, I was so obsessed with reading how-to books and magazines for new mothers that I never napped. Biggest mistake ever.

Up until now, I always had a newborn and a toddler around. This whole one-child-at-home thing is way new to me, but it finally allows me to sleep while she sleeps (and then some). Even if I only get about an hour of laying in my bed reading or playing games on my phone, it’s me being horizontal instead of bent over picking up cereal off the floor, sorting laundry, or serving as Willow’s jungle gym.

Last Tuesday night, I beat God of War: Ascension. That was my treat. It isn’t often that I get to play video games, but because Jamie was downtown playing open mic night with his band, I spent hours kicking some monsters in the face. Then I tried to find some sort of sad documentary to watch because I wanted to cry about someone else’s problems for a while.

I’d say that I treated myself on Saturday by going to the L.E.A.D. Expo at the Y, but I’ve been so sore that I haven’t had a chance to process the educational parts. Recovering from four hours of fitness demonstrations hasn’t been easy. I did learn, however, that I was not meant to take any cycle classes ever. Granted, the RPM demo was the last one before the break, so I was already tired, but

  1. I almost passed out ten minutes into the demo
  2. My knee has been screaming at me ever since

So…no spin classes for me.

I will treat myself with extra yoga, though. I’m on the five-year-plan to master side crow. I’m planning to treat myself with so many side planks that my classes might hate me. Just kidding. I’m going to try side-planking on my own almost every day. As for my yoga classes, I will encourage them to try some new things with me on our journey.

I’m also going to tell them to treat themselves.

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