Aug 8th

With school starting Friday and Corey’s birthday, this weekend/week has been incredibly busy!

We had Corey’s birthday party on Sunday, which was a huge success! The pool aspect of it made the whole thing more exciting for the kids and the adults who were willing to swim. And as an added bonus, I learned how to make a balloon dog.

I gave my first voice lesson last night! We have to meet again tonight because she needs me to help her learn something for an audition Wednesday night. That makes me nervous! I have to find something for her to sing! It’s so strange being on the other side of the piano.

Corey got a 100-piece puzzle for his birthday that he was so excited about, he didn’t even watch tv yesterday. He finished it this morning, but that usually doesn’t stop him from taking it apart and doing it all over again. We got him a HABA Comet Shower game. He & Aiden LOVE playing with it. Since Aiden’s still in that phase where throwing things is awesome, the game is something he can play to satisfy the throwing cravings.

This morning’s LLL meeting was packed! So many babies! Ugh. I could go on, but I don’t want to get myself in trouble. Is it possible to get The Baby Fever when you already have one?

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