Turtle Round-up #6

Aug 21st

I decided for this week’s Turtle round-up to compile a list of organizations devoted to conservation and rescue.  The work that these groups do is amazing, and I wish I lived close enough to a beach to do some volunteer work myself!

(from center, then clockwise from top left-hand corner)

  1. The Panama City Beach Turtle Watch has an awesome collection of nesting information going back almost ten years!
  2. Honu.org is a neat blog devoted to turtle news and events.
  3. The Sea Turtle Trust is a UK-based charity that promotes the conservation of Sea Turtles in the Atlantic Ocean.
  4. The World Turtle Trust serves as a link between sea turtle conservation projects around the world and people like you who wish to help them.”
  5. Years ago, we vacationed on Hunting Island, but it was too early to see any sea turtles.  One day, we’ll go back for the Turtle Watch.
  6. The purpose of the Sea Turtle Preservation Society is to “educate the public about marine turtles.”
  7. The California Turtle and Tortoise Club has a great website with loads of information, including tortoise calls!
  8. Here’s another group I’d love to be a part of (based in North Carolina): Sunset Beach Turtle Watch Program.  They monitor turtle nesting!
  9. The New York Turtle and Tortoise Society is a non-profit organization.  Check out some of the photos on their site–stunning!
  10. Another great conservation group, the Tortoise Trust provides information about husbandry and rehoming of tortoises in need.
  11. The Turtle Homes Rescue is a wonderful resource for people looking to adopt or place homeless turtles and tortoises.
  12. The Caribbean Conservation and Sea Turtle Survival League is an amazing organization that gives you many options for helping the world’s sea turtles.  I may just ask someone to adopt a sea turtle for my birthday.
  13. I saw several signs for the Coastal Discovery Museum in Hilton Head.  They have an evening Turtle Walk & Talk to observe nests and nesting areas!

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