Weekly Geeks #22:

Oct 27th

We’re taking a stroll through the archives in this edition of Weekly Geeks. Dewey asked us to check out some posts from other Weekly Geeks and feature them in a post of our own. So, here goes!

First, I stopped by Page After Page and looked at her Weekly Geeks #14 post. I loved all the photos of her family reading. It made me want to take more pictures of my guys when they’re getting their read on.  I especially liked the mosaic she made and I hope she doesn’t mind me posting it here!

The next blogger I visited was Nymeth and her Weekly Geeks #7 post.  This was another photo week (sensing a theme?), and I just about died when I saw this:

It’s no secret that I love cats and books, so a cat covered in books make me squeal with delight.

And then!  I found a Weekly Geek who scrapbooks!  Twiga took a photo of a 2-page layout all about reading for her Weekly Geeks #7 post.  It’s so cute and it made me want to scan in the layout that I did of Corey “reading” at 7 months.  I’ll try to remember to do that sometime soon.

Finally, here are links to a couple other WG participants:

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