Jul 18th

We’re having a hard day. I think the kids still haven’t “come down” from our little vacation this weekend. Not only is bedtime out of whack, but naptime, dinner time, pretty much any time is full of crying, whining, and all-out grumpiness. Even I’m feeling the after-effects, but I blame it on myself since I missed two days of meds. Last night I felt like I was getting used to my skin again.

The house is a wreck. We didn’t clean before we left. In fact, there were still dishes on the table from the night before we left. I managed to load all the dishes into the washer yesterday but never turned it on because I was doing laundry. I just ran it an hour ago.

Speaking of laundry, I got my shipment of Charlie’s Soap yesterday and have been washing clothes like a madwoman. I would have waited until the end of the day to wash diapers, but Simon decided to make up for not pooping this weekend with many rounds of poop yesterday. I didn’t want to open the diaper pail again without it being clear of about six or seven poopy diapers.

Anyway. Charlie’s Soap. I love it. I love trying new household products (especially ones I pay good money for) and have them work for me. The clothes really are softer and smell clean. I sound retarded, but I have to say, wow! Of course, now I have to motivate myself to actually fold the massive pile of clothes that is getting bigger as I type. It has taken over my couch. Cookie Monster is drowning in the sea of clean clothes.

I’m making some refried beans today. I went ahead and used a whole bag of pinto beans because I’m tired of beans in my pantry. WIC is great, but who needs that many beans? My goal for the next year is to actually cook the beans we have. Now, a whole bag of beans is going to make a lot of refried beans, yes, but I’m going to freeze most of it so we’ll have some to use for emergency burritos.

My next organizing project will probably be the catastrophe next to the desk in the bedroom. Disregard the fatty under the table and look at the random piles of crap. What the hell am I going to do with it? This is one reason why I checked out that book from the library (How to Organize (Almost) Everything).

I can’t believe school starts in a few weeks. You wanna know what, though? I’m kind of glad. This house needs some order. Though I’ll be sad when the fall semester starts for Jamie. He’ll be getting off work late again so we won’t be able to have family dinner anymore.

I think Icky Lucy is lonely. Or maybe not. It pretty much killed the other sick fish. That reminds me: I need to test the water tonight. It never ends…

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