What an Animal! (first book challenge)

Jun 30th

I’ve never been into book challenges before, but after Dewey’s Read-a-Thon, I was inspired to join my first one! The goal of the What an Animal! challenge is to read six books that have something to do with an animal, whether it’s just the mention of an animal in the title, a picture on the cover, or in the story itself. Sounds like fun, right?

Off the top of my head, I don’t really know what books I want to read for this challenge. I’m going to take ideas from other people, I guess. I suppose I should also look in my shelves for books I already have. Lord knows I haven’t read everything we own in the house. Mooching will be tricky because I’m running low on points. Perhaps someone will want something from my inventory soon? I don’t have much, but there are a couple good ones in there.

Today will be spent catching up on my knitting. I have a couple dishcloths to send out (Dewey’s will be coming as soon as my husband remembers to print out the “Dear Reviewer” letter that goes with his book, to be sent with aforementioned dishcloth). Also TBK are a baby dress, alpaca socks, and I need to shop for some bacon-colored yarn for custom scarves.

Did I mention I finally signed up for my own Hyenacart? It’s not set up yet, so I will not link you there just yet. Either way, I’m excited to be branching out on my own. It’s refreshing.

Time’s a-wastin’!

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