What shall we do Tuesday?

Oct 14th

I have a lot to do!  Last week, I was inundated with practices, appointments, and Croptoberfest.  Thankfully, I didn’t have much on my calendar this week, which is GREAT, but since Jamie’s Jeep died yesterday, we’ve had to plan things a bit carefully.  I was able to go rescue him in town and let him use the van to go to class last night.

Unfortunately, because we have one vehicle, I couldn’t go to LLL this morning!  Gah!  I swear I’m going to go to a meetings again before this baby is born.

So things I need to do:

  • Photograph and mail a pair of longies
  • Finish swatching for another pair of longies
  • Knit said longies and mail them to Canada!
  • Sew birthday capes for my 3-year-old nephews
  • EAT!

I began the arduous task of keeping track of my diet this week.  Sunday was a Bad Day because I slept most of the afternoon and took away three hours of Eating Time.  Yesterday, I almost filled in my entire chart.  The only item I didn’t get was my Vitamin A.  Jamie went to the grocery store to get milk and I called him to see if he could pick up some apricots for me.  He had already left, though.

My favorite food in the Protein category is potato + cheese.  So simple and delicious.  I may just bake the rest of the bag of taters to eat later.  I don’t know how much longer they’ll last.

And since no post is complete without a photo, here is another picture of Sraps!

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