working it: dress project progress

Oct 4th

october dress project: day 4

I survived choir retreat with my dress.  Day two found me in some burgundy tights and a black 3/4-length sleeved-shirt underneath.  Yesterday I wore the dress with jeans and a brown long-sleeved shirt underneath.  It’s not as chilly here as it was in the mountains, so I busted out a pair of white cropped leggings that have been sitting in a drawer for at least seven years.  I wore them once for an event where I was dressed in all white, painted white and had to be Greek human statue for a couple hours.  After that, I had no use for the leggings…until today!

As you can see, I replaced all of the buttons with some slightly larger ones from my mom’s antique button collection.  I sewed them on during our car ride to the mountains on Friday night (while wearing the dress).

My fear of accessories is slowly dwindling, though now I live in constant worry about spilling something on myself or that one of the four boys will spill something on me, puke on me, or come at me with a face full of spaghetti to give me a hug.  To help ease my mind, I’ve taken to putting on an apron any time I am near food.  Cooking, preparing, and eating.  I am so clumsy that I am terrified of every bite I bring to my face.  So, yes, I wear a grown-up bib while I eat.  It keeps me safe.

I also don’t enjoy the rumples that linen gets when I sit down, but I’ll just have to get over it.  I’m usually rumpled no matter what I wear.  It’s nothing new.

Anyway, that’s my progress so far.  How is everyone else doing?

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