Worst night’s sleep.

Dec 15th

I’m going to assume that you all know that Simon’s “sleeping through the night” only lasted those three days. Ever since then, he’s been nursing all night & waking frequently to cry & fart. We’ll attribute the crying to his cold & tooth number 8. I had to aspirate his nose about four times during the night. Once he could breathe, he was able to suck his thumb and relax enough to let out a gargantuan poot. We’ll attribute the pooting to the sushi I ate and the biter biscuit that Simon gnawed on at Mimi’s house.

Thankfully, now that Jamie is done for the semester, he’s home in the mornings and let me sleep until 9:30. Simon is still resting since he had a pretty rough night of it, too.

Jamie’s birthday was yesterday and I gave him his gift of a sporran to wear with his kilt. For those who aren’t familiar with kilt wear, a sporran is a leather man-purse on a chain that is worn around the waist since kilts (obviously) do not have pockets.

A couple weeks ago, Jamie discovered how to record voice memos on his cell phone and then use them as ring tones. Being the sneaky fox I am, I changed his ring tone to me saying, “Answer your phone, FREAKO.” So earlier, Jamie was in the kitchen when his crotch started yelling, “Answer your phone, FREAKO.” The sporran is traditionally worn in the center of the kilt so it’s right over the crotch. I think I’m going to call him a lot today and hope that his ringer isn’t on silent.

Plans today include eating lunch, getting dressed, going to the store to purchase a cake mix for a belated birthday cake, and baking said birthday cake. The birthday boy requested strawberry cake with chocolate icing.

A fellow choir member had her baby yesterday and I’m itching for birth details. I know I’m baby obsessed, but since I know that this baby was induced, I’m nosy and want to know if she had to have a c-section. Everyone at church was excited on Wednesday about the coming of this baby on Thursday, but part of me was not. I don’t know all the details, so if there was a medical reason for her to be induced, then I have no problem with it. But if she induced out of impatience or to accommodate a particular schedule, then I’m at a loss. It bothers me SO MUCH when women do that. Sure, call me a hypocrite since you all know I was induced. I was unaware of all the natural remedies for PUPPPS and had grown weary of waking myself up scratching. And I was not fond of scratching until I bled and then scratching off the scabs. I was lucky enough to have a strong, supportive “team” while I was birthing so that the only drug I received was pitocin. I was incredibly fortunate to have had a smooth delivery without any complications or medical interventions. I am a rare case. So why is it that women are still led to believe that doctors know their bodies better and if they go a day after their due date, it’s time to induce?

It makes me furious. Can’t you tell?

Ugh. Off my soapbox.

For now.

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