New Van Key: $120

Apr 4th

Yesterday was certainly an interesting day. Ten minutes after Jamie left for work, I had all the kids packed up and ready to go to my sister’s for the day. I also had plans to drop off a gift at my mom’s hous and drop off Creative Memories orders. Once I had all the kids in the van, I realized that Jamie still had the van key. Ten seconds after that, I noticed that Jamie had left his cell phone on the entertainment center.


So there I was with no transportation, and Jamie was on his way to Modoc, SC, where I wouldn’t be able to get in touch with him. After being very angry about it, I decided to call the insurance company and have them send me a locksmith via Roadside Assistance. They payed for the locksmith as long as I covered the cost of the key. Want to know how much the key cost?


It’s one of those computer chip keys and it had to be programmed. We finally had transportation by 1:00.

So that was my day.

This morning, Aiden’s glasses are missing. I seriously have no idea where they could be. He took a shower last night in our bathroom, but they aren’t in there. Guess he’ll have to be half-blind today. We’re going to story time in a minute.

Hey we watched “Stranger than Fiction” the other night and I have to say that’s one of the best movies we’ve seen in a LONG time. It was right up Jamie’s alley, him being an English major and all.

Time to go.

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