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Aug 5th

Simon, a.k.a. Drooly McSlobberpants, has been spitting up so much. It’s so gross, so it’s a good thing he’s cute or I’d be hurling right along with him. We’ve come up with different reactions to his overflow:

“Aw, man, he juiced me!”
“Gross, thanks, Simon.”
“Aw, he got me again.”
“You completely missed the burp cloth, dude.”
“Aw, it’s running down my arm.”
“Right into the cleavage! Thanks, man.”

There are different varieties of spitup.

1. Comes Out Exactly the Way it Came In
2. Slightly Mucousy
3. Watery with Random Milk Curds

and my personal favorite, though, judging by Simon’s reaction when it happens, not his:

Homemade Cottage Cheese!

The smell, thankfully, isn’t that bad. Sometimes it just smells like sweet milk, and sometimes it gets a little on the cheesy side, like a strong goat cheese (though not stinky). I’ll be honest: I like the way spitup smells. It smells like baby! Sometimes I smell my shirt and it smells like spitup and I’m like, aww, that’s where Simon blessed me! I will probably be changing my tune, however, when solids are introduced months & months from now.

I’m so gross.

Today’s a great day for hanging laundry on the line. The sun is bright & it’s nice & hot. I’m hoping to sun out some stains today. I want Jamie to fix our line soon, though. It’s pretty rickety & hangs rather low. I’m afraid Koko’s going to get a wild hair up her ass one day & tear down all the diapers.

Corey’s birthday party is tomorrow. I also have to start going to church again tomorrow, which means I’m going to have to start pumping again. I liked not having to hook myself up like a dairy cow.


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