You’d think it never snows around here

Feb 13th

The last time it snowed like this, Corey was a toddler, so you can only imagine the excitement around here yesterday afternoon when it actually started snowing.  And sticking to the ground!  Hoo boy!  They had some major plans for all this snow.

Aiden wanted to eat it:

Corey wanted to make a snowman:

And Simon wanted to make snowballs (to eat):

I could bombard you with about fifty more pictures of snow and the resulting chaos that ensued afterward, but I’m going to go take a shower now.  Our power went out around 8:00 last night and didn’t come back on (fully) until an hour ago.  So I’ll leave you with the view from my front porch taken this morning :

(hint: click the images to view in larger sizes)

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