Your baby is as big as a huh? (Part deux)

Jan 19th
In this edition of “Your baby is as big as a huh?” your baby has graduated from seeds to berries!  Congratulations!
Week 7: Enjoy your baby in a variety of baked goods.  From bagels to scones, your baby is so versatile!
(Big Blueberry by gari.baldi)
Week 8: You could enter your baby it his/her first pageant!   Combined with some meat & secret ingredients, your baby will make a hearty chili.
(Kidney Beans by mtsn)
Week 9:  WATCH OUT!!  There are some people out there who might want to stomp up your baby and make him into wine.
(Grapes by joyrex)
Week 10: Your baby looks like a tiny orange.  But I don’t know what you would do with it other than make some marmalade or salad.
(kumquats by h-bomb)
Tune in next time when your baby makes not a cookie but fruit and cake!

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